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The Owl Ones

"Shadow loves the sun" 

CD released

in spring 2015

Of Cabbages

and Kings

Neo-A Cappella
CD released 2018

Solitary Bird

Brand new solo program, Veronika Morscher´s singer-songwriter music, piano & voice



Pablo Held Trio feat. Nelson Veras 

CD released in 2020

Bertram Burkert Quartett

"Das Suchen nach der eignen Welt"
CD released in 2018

Christian Li Group

"Love's Last Lullaby" 

CD released in 2013

Peter Hedrich

"New Hope"
CD released in 2018

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Jazz-singer, singer-songwriter, lyricist and voice teacher


          Born in 1991 in Lauterach, Austria Veronika was drawn to singing from an early age on. Her interest in music was encouraged by her parents without a moment of hesitation and supported in the form of early music lessons and later piano, saxophone and singing lessons. 

Mainly doing music as a hobby, Veronika began to take it more seriously when she turned 16, after having been one of the finalists at the Marianne Mendt Jazzfestival in St.Pölten in 2007. She was showcased on the ORF live CD of the festival singing an arrangement of Night And Day (Arr. by Thomas Kugi). Between 2007 and 2009, she was part of numerous ensembles and formations - mainly as a singer. Veronika also attended various jazz camps and singing workshops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia. There, she had the chance of working with well known European musicians like Ines Reiger, Emil Spanyi, Heinz von Hermann, Agnes Heginger, and was familiarized with the Integrative Voice Technique by Romeo Alavikia. 

She took additional voice lessons with Aja Zischg-Eberle at the Jazzseminar in Dornbirn, who - among many other things - helped Veronika prepare for her college auditions. After graduating from high school in Austria in 2009, Veronika moved to Boston (USA), after having been accepted to Berklee College of Music as a jazz vocal student.At Berklee, Veronika was drawn to exploring different styles of music and had the chance to experience herself singing Brazilian music, Indian music, R&B, gospel music, acapella vocal music, as well as free improvisation and pop music. Nevertheless, her roots in Austria were never neglected and she continued to play with musicians in Austria, Germany and Switzerland whenever she had the chance. 

In her last year in college in the US, Veronika discovered her passion for songwriting. Having been introduced to Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon, her love for lyric writing was ignited. Through her lyrics, Veronika has found a way to express themes and thoughts that may not always have room in the everyday life and also finds answers to questions through her songs. For her, the magic and passion is in the process of writing, in the hours she spends at the piano, with her guitar or in a cafe piecing her lyrical phrases and musical ideas together until everything faces in one direction. 

After graduating Berklee, she started her master degree in jazz vocals at the Privat-Universität in Vienna with Ines Reiger (Dominik), where she has the opportunity to study vocal techniques and voice hygiene more deeply and widen her jazz repertoire. In spring of 2013, Veronika was offered a visa for America, on which she decided to move back to Boston and follow her musical endeavors in a more concrete way.             

In January, Veronika founded her first band "Vivi and the Peacocks" with 6 of her close friends from Berklee, set a recording date to record her debut CD with songs that she had written in the year before, and organized a few concerts in the Boston area. Beside her own project and concerts, she was also part of various recording and performing bands during that time and worked as a singing teacher at Onset School Of Music in Wakefield, Massachusetts. 

In the fall of 2013, Veronika was admitted to study at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Cologne (Germany) for a year through the Erasmus program. There, she studies with Anette von Eichel and focuses deeply on jazz improvisation, interpretation of her own repertoire, and on the physical aspects of singing. Another one of her mentors in Cologne is songwriting teacher Stephan Scheuss, who accompanies Veronika on her way to become a more experienced composer. 

In January 2014, Veronika was accepted to the BuJazzO (Bundesjazzorchester) in Germany, which is an internationally touring jazz orchestra with a vocal ensemble led by Jiggs Wigham (tb) and Niels Klein (sax). In February, she began a 4-year course at the Yogazentrum Alpen in Salzburg, Austria to become a yoga teacher. 

In June 2014, Veronika released her debut CD "My Heart On A String" with the HGBS label in Villingen (Germany) and presented her album on a tour through Austria and Switzerland. From October until January 2015, Veronika finished her studies at the Privat-Universität in Vienna and received a master degree in music.
Having moved back to Cologne in March 2015, she is now working as a freelance singer, composer and voice teacher. (If you wish to receive voice lessons with me, please fill out the contact form on the bottom.)

As part of a relatively new project called "The Owl Ones", Veronika published a CD in 2015 with the curious title "Shadow Loves the Sun". Featured on the TRIO album are her project partner Matthew Halpin on the tenor saxophone and the incredible pianists Pablo Held and Kit Downes. 

Her very newest adventure is a project called "Of Cabbages and Kings" that Veronika co-founded in September 2015 together with three very versatile singers from Cologne. The idea to form a group with four singers and a rhythm section started out of excitement to experiment with the voice as an instrument and its role in a musical setting. 2016, the ensemble won the 3rd prize of the Sparda Jazz Award Düsseldorf and the four singers separately were nominated as finalists in the Acapella Awards in Ulm and Leipzig, Germany. In spring 2017, Of Cabbages and Kings was rewarded the scholarship of the Werner Richard - Dr. Carl Dörken Stiftung in Herdecke as an acapella group. 

In June 2017, Veronika was nominated for the "Kulturpreis Vorarlberg" in the category of jazz. The audition took place in November 2017, for which all seven nominees decided to form a band and face the jury together as a strong sign against the idea of competition in jazz. The initiative was rewarded by awarding the entire band, six individual jazz players and one singer, the main prize of €10.000. Additionally to the main prize, Veronika was awarded with the "Anerkennungspreis", which is a complementary award. 

In March 2018, Veronika was awarded the 2nd prize at the "Europäischer Nachwuchsjazzpreis Burghausen" with her Quartett "Of Cabbages and Kings". In December, the debut album of this group was published on KLAENG Records.

Veronika was awarded the Förderpreis des Jazzfest Bonn in June 2019 and received a scholarship from the Cultural Department Vorarlberg to develop her songwriting project "Solitary Bird". The project will be recorded in May 2020.




"Wild and Young” 

 music and lyrics Veronika Morscher, recorded in June 2015 in Köln, Germany


"Last Memory Lane” 

Music by Bertram Burkert, lyrics by Veronika Morscher, recorded in 2016 at Fattoria Musica in Osnabrück, Germany


music and lyrics Veronika Morscher, 

recorded in 2019 in Köln, Germany

"The Peacocks” 

written by Jimmy Rowles, lyrics by Norma Winstone, recorded in 2011 at Berklee College of Music, Boston/MA, USA at Maggie Scott Jazz Vocal Series

"River, Show No Mercy” 

written by Veronika Morscher,
Vorspiel Kulturpreis der Sparte Jazz
ORF Funkhaus, Dornbirn, Austria 2017

"Sewee, Sewee” 

written by Mountain Man, arranged by Veronika Morscher, sung by "Of Cabbages and Kings", recorded in 2017 at FortX in Cologne.


Composition and voice: Veronika Morscher, Arrangement & flutes: Matthew Halpin, recorded in 2020, home studio

"Solitary Bird Set” 

Compositions and voice: Veronika Morscher, live at Stadtgarten, recorded by WDR, 2020

"Nach Grauen Tagen” 

Composition: Veronika Morscher, lyrics: Ingeborg Bachmann, Of Cabbages and Kings, Cologne 2019




Veronika Morscher_Fotocredit dierottergr
Veronika Morscher, Fotocredit_Benjamin T
Artheater Köln - von Gerhard Richter.jpg
photo by Julia Haro 2015
photo Charlotte Triebus 2015
photo Charlotte Triebus, 2015
photo by Julia Haro 2015
Photo by Julia Haro 2015
album cover - photo Simon Rainer
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07.01.2022 - OWLS feat. Herbert Walser-Breuss und Veronika Morscher (CD-Release)

Saumarkt, Feldkirch (Ö)

29.01.2022 - Of Cabbages and Kings & Vocal Journey

Philharmonie, Köln

12.02.2022 - CCJO feat. Heiner Schmitz & Veronika Morscher - Tales of the Wooden Kingdom

Klangbrücke, Aachen

25.02.2022 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Zoglau 3

26.02.2022 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Tischlerei, Melk

05.03.2022 - CCJO feat. Heiner Schmitz & Veronika Morscher - Tales of the Wooden Kingdom


06.03.2022 - CCJO feat. Heiner Schmitz & Veronika Morscher - Tales of the Wooden Kingdom

Stadtgarten, Köln

11.03.2022 - CCJO feat. Heiner Schmitz & Veronika Morscher - Tales of the Wooden Kingdom

Sendesaal, Bremen


04.02.2021 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Unterfahrt, München


05.02.2021 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella


06.02.2021 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Lindau, Stadttheater


19.03.2021 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Dörken-Stiftung, Münsterland

23.03.2021 - Peter Hedrich Quintett

Aufzeichnung, Saarwellingen


16.04.2021 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella
JazzArchitekt, Wiesbaden
04.05.2021 - Hendrika Entzian Quartett feat. Veronika Morscher & Hanno Busch
AchtBrücken Festival, Köln
14.5.2021 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella
18.06.2021 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella


05.08.2021 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

UMRANGIERT-Festival, Baruth

18.09.2021 - CCJO (Leitung: Heiner Schmitz) feat. Veronika Morscher

Jazzschmiede Düsseldorf

09.10.2021 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Unterfahrt, München

12.10.2021 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Stadtgarten, Köln - Week of Surprise O.C.A.K. // Maja S.K. Ratkje & Stian Westerhus

14.10.2021 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella


31.10.2021 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Mousonturm, Frankfurt - 52. Deutsches Jazzfestival Frankfurt


18.01.2020 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Loch, Wuppertal


30.01.2020 - Fierobd-Jazz

Kantine Spielboden, Dornbirn

31.01.2020 - Fierobnd-Jazz

Studio Lederer, Bludenz 


02.02.2020 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Stadtgarten, Köln - Masterabschluss Laura Totenhagen


06.02.2020 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Vorarlberg Museum, Bregenz


Konzertpause aufgrund von Covid-19

26.07.2020 - The Owls feat. Veronika Morscher

Jazzbrunch, Poolbar Festival Feldkirch, Österreich, 11 Uhr


30.07.2020 - Solitary Bird solo

"SommerKultur" im Rohnerhaus Lauterach, Österreich, Beginn um 19 Uhr

02.08.2020 - The Owls feat. Veronika Morscher

"Mir wird so leicht", Kirche Fußach, Österreich, 19 Uhr

21.08.2020 - Solitary Bird, Duo mit Simon Seidl

Salonfestival Köln

22.08.2020 - Solitary Bird, Duo mit Simon Seidl

Salonfestival Essen


05.09.2020 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Jazzfest Bonn, Openair Konzert auf Burg Lede

11.09.2020 - Bludenzer Bigband Union feat. 

Stadtsaal, Bludenz, Österreich

13.09.2020 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Jazzfest Villingen-Schwenningen

17.09.2020 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Tischlerei Melk, Österreich


18.09.2020 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Museum, Ismaning

02.10.2020 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

WABE, Berlin

31.10.2020 - SH4aikh 9 extended

Deutsches Jazzfestival Frankfurt

25.11.2020 - Solitary Bird solo

KLAENG-Festival, Aufzeichnung durch den WDR im Stadtgarten, Köln


03.01.2019 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Neujahrsjazzfestival, Theater am Saumarkt, Feldkirch

05.01.2019 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Winterjazz Festival, Studio 672 Köln

12.01.2019 - FSOP

HTL-Ball, Bregenz Festspielhaus

03.02.2019 - Riaz Khabirpour & Friends

ABS, Köln

23.03.2019 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Salonfestival, Karlsruhe

04.04.2019 - Olympic Orchestra

Berghain, Berlin

11.04.2019 - Olympic Orchestra

Milchsackfabrik, Frankfurt

12.04.2019 - Olympic Orchestra

Lagerhalle e.V., Osnabrück

25.+26.04.2019 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Workshop mit Theo Bleckmann, Loft

28.04.2019 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Immanuel-Kirche, Köln-Stammheim

11.05.2019 - Solitary Bird solo

Kammgarn, Hard, Österreich

16.05.2019 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Eröffnung Jazzfest Bonn, Villa Hammerschmidt Bonn

19.05.2019 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Alte Synagoge, Kippenheim

23.05.2019 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Jazzfest Bonn, Volksbank-Haus

03.-08.06.2019 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Tampere Vocal Music Festival, Finnland

10.06.2019 - Thea Soti & Friends

Loft Köln

11.06.2019 - Veronika Morscher & Friends

Liechtensteinische Botschaft, Berlin

12.06.2019 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Konzert Bonn

14.07.2019 - Fancy Poet 

Summerklaeng, Odonien Köln (feat. Matthew Halpin, David Helm, Simon Seidl & Fabian Arends)

14.07.2019 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Doppelkonzert mit Becca Stevens, Skulpturenpark Wuppertal

18.-25.08.2019 - Bundesjazzorchester Deutschland

Yoga-Dozentin, Marktoberdorf 

08.09.2019 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Beethoven Fest Bonn - Eröffnung des Festivals auf der Marktplatzbühne, ab 16:30 Uhr 


10.09.2019 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Salonfestival Wiesbaden 


11.09.2019 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Unterfahrt, München


25.09.2019 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Forum Kultur Heppenheim


26.09.2019 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Museum für Lackkunst, Münster 


27.09.2019 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Internationales Theater, Frankfurt


28.09.2019 - Workshop Stimmfarbe & Improvisation zwischen Jazz & Pop

Frankfurt, Tagesworkshop

06.10.2019 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

A Cappella Award, Ulm - Finale im Roxy, Ulm

17.10.2019 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Loft, Köln

18.10.2019 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

19. Darmstädter Nacht der Stimmen, Centralstation Saal, 3 OG. Darmstadt 


19.10.2019 - Veronika Morscher

Workshop, Osterburken

02.11.2019 - Birds of a Feather

JazzStudio, Nürnberg


06.11.2019 - Solitary Bird - solo

Krypta, KHG Köln, 20 Uhr

07.11.2019 - Birds of a Feather

Vorarlberg Museum, Bregenz

09.11.2019 - Birds of a Feather

Kulturverein Bahnhof Andelsbuch


10.11.2019 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

Kulturbahnhof Gleis 11, Quadrath-Ichendorf, Bergheim

16.11.2019 - "Solitary Bird" & Simon Seidl

Salonfestival, Hannover

18.11.2019 - Of Cabbages and Kings - a cappella

5e, Kopenhagen


28.11.2019 - Florian King & Friends --> aufgrund von Krankheit leider ohne Veronika

Eulenspiegel, Wasserburg 


17.12.2019 - Veronika Morscher/Billy Test/Sebastian Gille/David Helm/Fabian Arends

Artheater Köln, Jamsession


21.12.2019 - Of Cabbages and Kings

Kulturbahnhof Kalchreuth e.V.



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